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Intelligent Mail


Intelligent Mail

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Only a small number of mail houses in Melbourne have invested in Intelligent Mail Software, to keep up with our competitors and to assist you in terms of cost saving. FMH is excited introducing to you an innovative technology “Intelligent Mail Software. Intelligent Mail is not software only specialising in mail but in emails, SMS, verification data, barcoding, e.g, transactional bills.

Tick Speedy software in processing complex transactions and financial sensitive mail.
Tick Barcodes are encoded and read; programming it to ensure all mail is verified and sent to the right person.

Intelligent Mail Software Comprises of:


Why is this important to you?

Tick Increases your revenue
Tick Increases or improves your cash flow
Tick Reduces your cost
Tick Saves on distribution
Tick Saves on labour cost
Tick Fast and accurate quality control
Tick Lower credit term period
Tick Intelligent Mail - ability to cross reference
Tick Fast Accurate and reliable software
Tick Confidentiality Guaranteed – Client requires signing a confidentiality agreement contract to protect your information or data is guaranteed protection and security with FMH
Tick Flexible – to set up its program according to your campaign needs
Tick Postage saving barcode
Tick By utilising intelligent software- increase of the captured data from barcode, adding to marketing advice

The diagram shows the comparison between service mail using traditional machinery and then with Intelligent Mail Software.


What can Intelligent Mail Software do for you?

Tick E-mail Campaign – Promotional or reminding emails
Tick SMS Campaign –SMS reminder or promotional marketing
Tick Accumulate multiple inserts and folding
Tick Transactional Processing of Bills, Invoices, Group Certificates
Tick Collating and Sorting
Tick Intelligent Printing Supply
Tick Automatically cross reference - Matching of Documents
Tick Database Management
Tick Database De-duplication
Tick Intelligent Database Verification
Tick Database Creation
Tick Australia Post Barcoding (AMAS)
Tick Clean mail