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FMH is a mail house that offers mailing services

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What we do: Direct mail; bulk mailing; design and planning of mail outs; provide pre-sort hand mail outs, environmental mailing options; manual processing (affixing labels, collation, fulfillment, hand wrapping, hand folding, hand insertion, householder preparation and delivery, match mailing, and sorting); machine processing (intelligent mailing, machine folding, machine inserting), database services and management (mail merging, converting, restructuring, deduplicating, address verification, bulk faxing and email, barcoded mail, print post and line haul sorting); generic or personalised printing onto letters, envelopes, leaflets, flysheets and other magazines (laser printing, dot matrix line printing onto continuous stationery, and inkjetting); procurement and storage of mailing items, organise mail distribution (including postal services via Australia Post as one of their select Bulk Mail Partners). If you want action on your mailing contact FMH.

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